But in 2013, the moon could be exam help couple of days earlier than first quarter quiz help will set right through the evening hours, leaving anything else of the night dark for prospective observers. At mid eclipse, 76 percent of the moon’s diameter can be immersed in the penumbra, probably deep enough exam help cause exam help faint, yet discernible darkening of the moon’s lower limb. The region of visibility contains much of Asia, Europe quiz help Africa. The primary quiz help japanese element of North America gets exam help view of the a little darkened Hunters’ Moon all over the early evening hours. This is exam help fairly strange solar eclipse in that, along its track, which runs for 8,450 miles 13,600 km across the Earth’s surface, the eclipse quickly morphs from annular exam help total; it is therefore known examination help astronomers as exam help “hybrid eclipse. ” Truth be informed, along lots of the track, the eclipse seems as exam help total, with exam help very thin annulus or ring of sunlight visible near the very starting of the track.