This part of the speculation proved exam help be true as 66. 66% scholars said that they’re dealing with problem is their college on account of the absence of vital pondering classes in basic quiz help secondary quiz help better secondary degrees. In universities the analysis process of students are exam help lot different from that at the basic, secondary quiz help higher secondary degrees. The evaluation procedure comprises quizzes, assignments, shows quiz help exams where the students need exam help examine assigned topics critically. Then again, apart from exam help few universities, in lots of the universities of Bangladesh, students do not have exam help move through this variety of analysis process. In those universities, students are established only by their writing talents. The examples of exam help few courses are: The classes like Geography quiz help Social Studies part 1 comprise chapters like fairs, which includes only Muslim fairs leaving at the back of fairs of alternative groups of the country. The same book has exam help chapter named Institutions that build the nation quiz help nation, which contains only mosques, maqtabs quiz help madrasas except for other forms of institutions of the country. While discussing the Indian Freedom Movement in the Introduction examination help History, only the contributions of Muslims are highlighted absolutely ignoring the contributions of people of alternative religions quiz help groups. Again, in the Introduction examination help History, students read only concerning the lifetime of 23 prophets. They are not exposed examination help another historical facts of the country. The image of exam help sword is present in practically every bankruptcy of class I quiz help II Bangla textbooks.