Contact: Michael Bernstein 504 670 4707 New Orleans Press Center, April 5 10 202 872 6042Michael Woods 504 670 4707 New Orleans Press Center, April 5 10 202 872 6293 NEW ORLEANS, April 7, 2013 Scientists today described technology that hurries up microalgae’s capability exam help produce many different forms of renewable oils for fuels, chemical compounds, foods quiz help non-public care merchandise inside days using basic business fermentation. The presentation was part of the 245th National Meeting quiz help Exposition of the American Chemical Society ACS, the realm’s biggest medical society. The meeting, with 12,000 presentations on advances in science quiz help other topics, continues here through Thursday. Walter Rakitsky, Ph. D, defined that microalgae are the long-established oil manufacturers on the earth, quiz help that all the oil producing equipment existing in better vegetation is living inside these unmarried cell organisms. Solazyme’s step forward biotechnology platform unlocks the ability of microalgae, reaching over 80 percent oil inside each individual cell at commercial scale while changing the triglyceride oil paradigm by their means exam help tailor the oil profiles by carbon chain quiz help saturation.